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The Only Phishing Plugin You Will Ever Need

Too Phishy is a phishing detection add-on for Gmail™ that shows you an email’s hidden characteristics before you click. Check out our How it Works page for real life examples.

  • Your emails never leave your Gmail account
  • We don't share any of your data, ever
  • Too Phishy is certified by Google's privacy team
Landon Dean
Senior Trading Specialist, The Trade Desk

"Too Phishy is great - it helped me get out of a $450 scam on Venmo."

Sasha Burger

"Really easy to use. Convenient and a great sanity check to help avoid phishing. Glad I found it."

Matthew Altonji

"Manages to warn of potentially suspicious emails that make it through Google's spam filters. Even auto-investigates links embedded in the email."