Famous Phishing Hacks in History

See how Too Phishy would have prevented history’s most scandalous leaks of social security numbers, passwords, and other private information:

The IRS Tax Refund Scam Emails...if Too Phishy had existed

In 2021, malicious actors sent phishing emails seemingly from the IRS as part of a ploy to collect victims’ social security and drivers’ license numbers.

You, if you had Too Phishy: "Hmmm, why is this email sender pretending to be the IRS? 🤔"

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The famous Sony Hack Phishing emails...if Too Phishy had existed

Who can forget when North Korean hackers hacked into Sony’s network, publishing embarrassing emails, scripts, and even the financial data of Sony employees, all by using a few phishing emails?

You: "Why is this Facebook login link pointing to a website hosted in Korea? If I click, will I ever get to see The Interview in theaters??"

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The DocuSign Scam Emails...if Too Phishy had existed

In 2019, phishers used a clever Docusign clone email to trick users into downloading a malicious trojan known as TrickBot.

You: "Hmmm, who’s Jean Delacroix? 🤔 That doesn’t sound like anyone I know. Cool name, but I’m not clicking."

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Or that phishing email received by John Podesta...if Too Phishy had existed

In 2016, a Russian hacking group known as Fancy Bear hacked into the network of the Democratic National Committee using one simple phishing email.

You: "Why is someone in Ukraine telling me to reset my Google password? And will this end Democracy as we know it?"

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